A Guide to Buying Your First Motorhome

When buying a motorhome for the first time, it’s natural to be a bit nervous. The tips below should help you to feel more confident and make the right decisions.

Buying new or used

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when buying your first motorhome is whether you’re going to buy new or used. This will largely depend on your budget.

Obviously buying used will help you save money but you want to know the right things to look for so you avoid buying a vehicle that has any major problems.

There are many places you can find used motorhomes online, including eBay and Auto Trader.

If you can afford to buy new then there are quite a few advantages, not least of which are the fact that the motorhome will be far less likely to have problems and you’ll get a guarantee.

Things to consider

  • Size – Size is a very important consideration when buying a motorhome. Naturally the more features a motorhome has, the less interior space they’ll be so you want to think about what’s most important to you.
  • Cost – Cost is a very big factor when purchasing a motorhome. The prices of motorhomes can very a lot depending on the size, age and feautures of a model. Many people will buy used when buying their first motorhome in order to save money and get the best vehicle they can for their budget.
  • Condition – The condition of a motorhome is very important. There are many things you should check when buying a used model. In addition to checking the exterior for any dents; you should also check for any modifications that have been made as well as any damage to the interior, especially the fixtures such as the beds.

Getting insurance

Once you have your motorhome, you’ll then need to get an insurance policy for it. When you own a motorhome, you cannot just get regular car insurance; instead you need to get a dedicated motorhome insurance policy.

Finding motorhome insurance online is fairly easy now so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting cover at a reasonable price. Always be sure to get quotes from multiple providers in order to ensure you don’t overpay.

5 Tips for Your First Camping Trip

If you’re planning on taking your first camping trip soon then you want to make sure you’re properly prepared.

Below are 5 key tips to make your first camping trip an enjoyable one.

1. Come prepared

Although the unpredictable nature of camping is part of what makes it fun, you still want to make sure that you have everything you need with you in order to be safe and to enjoy your trip.

This means you should always pack essential items, such as batteries, a pen knife, first aid kit, warm clothes etc etc.

Being properly prepared will help to make your first trip much more enjoyable.

2. Leave electrical devices at home

One of the main benefits of going camping is to get out in nature and leave the stresses of modern life behind. Although you might think bringing your tablet or laptop with you on your camping trip will add to the experience, in truth it could just make it more stressful.

Going camping is the perfect excuse to do a digital detox and leave all your electronic devices at home.

3. Choose campsite carefully

Picking the right campsite is key when you’re going on your first camping trip. Not all campsites are the same – some are very basic and only have the absolute bare essentials while others have a lot of facilities such as showers, baby changing etc.

You also want to think about the surrounding area and whether there’s anything to see or do nearby. Just because you’re camping at night doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily want to spend the whole day at the campsite, especially if it’s your first camping trip.

4. Plan for extreme weather

It’s always a good idea to plan for extreme weather when going on your first camping trip. Nights in the UK can be a lot colder than you think, even during summer.

If you’re going in a motorhome then it’s not as big of a priority since you can sleep indoors if need be, but if you’re planning on sleeping in a tent then you want to make sure you have a thick sleeping bag and enough blankets.

5. Get a good tent

Having a good tent is one of the most fundamental parts of a successful camping trip. Make sure you get a tent bigger than you think you’ll need and that you do a few test set-ups before you get to the campsite.