How To Safely Transport Horses

If you own horses then you’ll need to know how to transport them safely.

Because horses are such large animals, you need to make special preparations when transporting them to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users.

When it comes to transporting horses you have two main options – 1. a horsebox 2. a horse trailer

Below is a description of both including their pros and cons .


A horsebox is a type of vehicle that’s specially designed for transporting horses. Unlike a horse trailer, a horsebox is one vehicle where no attachments are required. Because of this you need to get insurance for a horsebox in the same way you would for any other type of vehicle.

One of the main advantages of a horsebox is that they’re very convenient since there is no need to worry about attaching anything to the vehicle. They’re also usually very spacious so they provide a comfortable journey for your horse.

The downside to horseboxes is that they can be difficult to find used. This means buying new, which can be quite expensive.

Horse trailer

The alternative to a horsebox is using a horse trailer. Horse trailers simply attach to your regular vehicle in the same way any other kind of trailer would. You should ensure that your vehicle is powerful enough to pull such weight before attempting to use it.

Pros of a horse trailer are that they’re inexpensive and you can usually find them used quite easily. The downside is that they don’t provide as smooth of a journey for your or your horse.

Loading your horse

Whether you have a horsebox or a horse trailer, you need to ensure that you load your horse safely.

Below are the most important steps to take –

  • Feed and water your horses beforehand – Depending on how far you’re travelling, your horse might have to be standing up in one position for a long time. Therefore giving it a good meal a few hours before you set off is highly recommended.
  • Use travel protective clothing – Travel protective clothing is very important when transporting a horse since it will ensure that you get where you’re going without any injury occurring.
  • Guide your horse in slowly – It’s not unusual for horses to be anxious when going into a horsebox/trailer, especially the first time. Therefore you need to be patient and guide them in slowly.
  • Ensure it’s properly tied up – You should of course ensure that your horse is securely tied up once it’s inside the trailer too.