Working as an Uber Driver

If you own a motorhome then there’s a good chance you love being on the road and travelling the country. If so then you might consider switching careers to become an Uber driver.

Uber originally started in the US and has since expanded to many countries throughout Europe, including the UK. Uber makes the process of booking a taxi incredibly simple and the company has many employees throughout the country now.

If you enjoy driving then being an Uber driver could be the perfect career for you. Below are the requirements as well as some tips of getting insured as an Uber driver.

What are the requirements?

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The main requirements for becoming an Uber driver are –

  • You must own your own car – Uber doesn’t supply their drivers with a vehicle so you must have your own that is suitable for transporting passengers in.
  • You must be eligible to drive – This means holding a full UK driver’s licence, being at least 21 years old and having enough driving experience in the city where you intend to work. The amount of driving experience required will vary from city to city.
  • You must hold a private hire licence – You will also need to have a private hire licence to work as an Uber driver. Uber can offer you support in getting your private hire licence if you don’t already have one.

Uber driver insurance

The most important cover for Uber drivers include –

  • Road risks – To work as an Uber driver, you must have cover for road risks at a minimum. You can either get a third party policy or fully comprehensive. Third party insurance doesn’t provide any protection for your own vehicle but it does enable you to drive legally and costs less than a fully comprehensive policy.
  • Liability claims – Another extremely important type of cover you need as an Uber driver is public liability insurance. If you were to be involved in an incident where a passenger or member of public was killed or injured then you could find yourself facing a liability claim. Without the proper cover in place this could prove devastating and cost you your livelihood.
  • Breakdown assistance – When you rely on your vehicle to make a living, breakdown assistance is an absolute must. The majority of insurance providers will give you the option of adding breakdown assistance to your policy.